Telluride Skate Camp | About
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The (Short) Story

Telluride Skate Camp was founded in 2007 by Craig Wasserman, 18-year professional educator and life-long skater. After helping to organize Telluride youth into the SK81435 Coalition to lobby for, fund raise, and design the world-class town park skatepark completed in 2006, Wasserman couldn’t help but combine his passions for teaching and skateboarding into a passion for teaching skateboarding. With his staff of trained instructors of the highest character and skating ability, and his army of Junior Coaches (local teens who have been through skate camp for most, or all, of its 8 years), Telluride Skate Camp delivers quality skateboarding introduction in a purposefully safe, supportive, fun and effective way. Inspiring constant skill progression at all levels, and fostering the life lessons of focus, respect, dedication, perseverance, and grit, it’s much more than your typical summer sport camp. It’s a source of happiness, health, community, and the path to life-long shredding.

telluride skate camp's craig wasserman provides instruction